Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year...reflections and fore-flections

2015 wasn't a great year but it wasn't an awful year. At the time some things were happening they seemed awful but when compared to others they aren't so bad. 

This was a year of stability and hope as well as failure and heartbreak. It was a year filled with love and a year marked by angst and some difficulty. 

God covered us with his hand many times other times things happened and it felt like he wasn't there but we all know that he was still and it could have been much worse than it was. 

Mr. O struggled with finding a stable job. He struggled with finding himself apart from medical school. 

We had stress in our home. We forgot for brief moments that we were in love with each other and not the enemy. We have remember more in last two months. We hope to always remember more. 

We struggled from a heartbreaking miscarriage. One that left my body and mind in shambles. God intervened. My gallbladder was at fault for the mess left behind. 

I experienced my first surgery which was terrifying and needed. I was so scared. God covered me. He sent my momma to help me and my sweet family. 

He brought health physically and mentally to me in the last week like I haven't experienced in years thanks to the removable of a faulty damaged gallbladder. 

I plan on this next year to be healthy in exercise and eating. I plan to cook more, certainly eat more but definitely exercise more. 

It will be a year of decluttering.  The house. My mind. My car. My health. 
It will be a year of hope and dreams for my husband once again. 

It will be a year of learning for all of us. 

May our Father God guide each micro step we take this year, each tiny minuscule thought we have, every brief action we take. May he guide us in every moment of our lives. 

Welcome 2016.