Thursday, April 23, 2015

As if ...

As if life was not interesting enough lately for us, it got more interesting. Hubby had found a different job, he was making less money and not in chemistry but a job is a job ... right... He worked there for 5 weeks when he was simply told "We don't need you anymore" No other reason.

Was he fired? Was he simply let go because someone else came to work?  We don't know..

Here is what we do know... He doesn't have a job anymore. Our family is without income once more. That it seems chemistry and the job market is not a friendly place to be located. It would seems he has to change his career and that entails more school.

Another thing we do know.. It is something that has to occur for the good of our family. Here is another tidbit we know. We aren't looking forward to it.

School for this wife is not a friendly place for her husband it seems. I never get to see him, between the studying and the classes and now he will have to work too. When will we (all of us) see him.

If he gets accepted into the program he applied at... We will see him hardly at for the next 2 years.

Oh joy, something to look forward too. But maybe just maybe after 2 years we won't struggle so hard for the next dime to come into our household.

Any maybe just maybe my husband will feel secure in his provision of his family.

Here is what we are doing right now..

Standing on Faith! Walking with God and trusting him to take care of us and of course DH is looking for work and applying to school ..

If you pray, please pray for us.

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