Sunday, March 8, 2015

Be the Blessing

There are moments in life that tell you about others. Moments that tell how good people can be or how bad people can be. We have had both those moments in a short amount of time. Life can become very interesting very fast, and that my friends is when the baby and the bathwater begin to count.

Many of you know that my wonderful husband lost his job a couple of weeks ago due to a fire. He was given one week of pay and then let go. He has been looking for a job since, pretty much every single day.

That moment was us gasping for breath! What was going to happen to us. How was this going to play out. How... How was this going to work.. How was that going to get paid.. How... How...

and immediately followed by the ultimate why... why why why.. We can ask that question a thousand time and never know the answer. I am choosing to believe that all this is a blessing in disguise. That does not mean that I am struggling to keep my head above water emotionally, or that I am not worried about the finances. I can choose to believe and still struggle...

So the moment when we saw the bad was how this situation was going to be handled. Quite frankly, badly and without care of the what was going to happen to the employees.  It showed how much one person with power can do. They can make a crappy situation better or make it worse.

And the moment of good.. When the people that care about you rally around, both in prayer and in tangible ways to make it less scary. Those are the people that make me want to be one of them. I want to be them someday.

I want to thank each of those! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Each situation shows how the good or bad can show through, but the lesson I guess to make sure you always choose to be the good and not the bad..

I choose again to believe that this is a blessing in disguise.

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