Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Life I noticed just seems to go on despite happiness, sadness, excitement, or bereavement. It just goes on. Day by day. It doesn't matter what your previous was, the next happens. And , so on and so forth. Some days you think you won't survive, and I think for some people some weeks, months and even years you think you won't make it through.

There are moments you feel like a complete and utter failure as a person, as a wife as mother. There are days even where you fail at these. But again, life goes on. You move forward from being a failure. The  only hope there is from that moment, is that you learned a little something or maybe a big something. 

So will life be good or bad. I think it varies for everyone. Some have long years of wonderful and some have long years of awful. Some people have a mixture, so have neither. Life just is. Be it good or bad. 

So for me, I guess what I will try to do is this:

Be the best I can be
Forgive myself and others for failures
Love God

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