Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crazy... You can't make this up.

You know that place your brain goes when something happens. That crazy oh my gosh why did this happen place. Well if you know that place then you know exactly how I feel right now. 

This moment I feel blinding panic of what is going to happen. I do also happen to be feeling a calmness that is at odds with my freak-out side. 

Why, you make ask?  Well the answer is simple. Our one income family may have just lost that income through no fault of our own. 

My husbands work burned to the ground tonight. At least that is the information that we have currently. There was a small fire than turned into a raging can't put it out fire, we are just waiting for the roof to collapse fire. 

I absolutely believe that God uses all things. That said I am still feeling fearful of the immediate future.  Oh I absolutely know my amazing man will find a job as quick as he can. I am just worried about the immediate future. 

The immediate needs like this next paycheck was for rent. How does that get paid, etc. 

I just feel overwhelmed I think right now. It is not as bad as it could have been. I mean really he could have been in the building. The serious blessing is that no one was hurt. 

There are several people out of work as of 10pm on the 22nd.  They and their families need prayer. 


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