Sunday, June 1, 2014

A look back

There have been a lot of adjustment and changes lately, but good ones. Our life is very different that it was last June. I cannot believe our little D is almost a year old to start, but so many other sad and wonderful things have occurred in that year.

In November of 2012, our apartment in California was robbed. It was one of the hardest things for me. I felt so violated, so barren, so helpless. I also felt very alone. It was extremely hard for me. At the time we thought it was the maintenance of the apartment now I am not so sure it was not a someone I thought was a friend.

We moved to northern California, and lived there for a few months. Then Mr. O and I discussed at length moving out of state while we waited to find out about the doctor stuff. We finally decided on Texas, just because my mother lived fairly close and her health was not so grand. It was cheaper to live and that was a factor. Definitely.

So in April we moved to Oklahoma, where my mom lived while hubby looked for work. It was a trying time, I was very pregnant with our little D and Mommy to L and V already. It was a breaking time for me. Money was more than tight. Hubby finally found work, not the best work but work. Several of our friends through the grace of God and their own hearts sent us money to help us get into an apartment in the Dallas area, since that was where Hubby was working. I thank you all still for that.

We found a 2 bedroom apartment, applied and waited 3 days to find out if we would get the apartment. Praise God we did. We moved in May 24, 2013. We really did not have a whole lot left to move. Between the robbery and the move to Texas what we had not lost was still in storage in California.

We moved in, then less than a month later we had a baby. Little D was born at home (A Home Birth Story). It was wonderful and life changing for me. It was clear that God had let things be so DH could be there for me. We had a wonderful Midwife, student midwife and amazing doula. A dear friend who up to May of 2013 I only knew online made it all fall into place for me. I am ever so grateful and thankful still to her.

Sometime in July, the school contacted Mr. O and said we have not withdrawn you, would you like to take the test again. He and I talked, I felt he needed to do so. His mother and father were moving to Texas to be close to the grands, so they moved in with us and assisted with finances. Hubby went to study in California. It was a very trying time. He was gone from the middle of August until mid October when he returned due to the failing health of his mother.

In September/October Mr. O's mother had two very bad strokes. They eventually took her life in late October. Mr. O was holding her hand as she passed. It was sad and still is. Her and I had our differences but we loved the same people and to that end we made our peace with each other in the end.

Around this time we found our church, it is wonderful, full of wonderful people. We have been blessed by them many times over and continue to be. I have made some wonderful friendships within it.

Sadly, in March of this year Dr. O became with finality Mr. O. He had failed the test for the very last time. He looked for quickly found a scientist job. Things have changed a lot since then. We moved out of our apartment into a larger place just a few days ago. Little D is now turning a year old in a couple of weeks.

We have also successfully completed our first year of homeschool. We have a first grader and a k4 here now. If they were in public school. L would be starting Kinder in Sept and she is already a 1st grader. V would not be starting school for 3 years. Wow.. Imagine that. I love homeschooling and I love watching them learn and grow.

Looking back over the past couple of years, we have been in a constant change mode. I am tired, worn out so to speak. I am happy to be settling down in one place. I am finally making friends in this area. I am feeling connected. It is nice. I like it.

I would like to say thank you to each of you who has helped us, through the years, months and weeks of the last several years. We would not be here without you. I am thankful to God for providing when the light looked dim, when it looked like darkness was invading our lives. He showed a spark of brightness that no amount of darkness could overcome. I praise him for his mercy and grace to us and our family.

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