Thursday, April 24, 2014


It has been a bit since I wrote a blog so it's time. 
Life has changed lately. Dr. O is now officially and forever more Mr. O.  That is a twist for us. A heart-rending adjustment. In many ways, it is better. Okay I will say it, in most ways it is better..

There is one way it is not. Financially. There are loans, lot of them, that will come due sooner rather than later. Payments that must be made, on a much reduced income than that of a doctor. We are hoping that we can get income based repayment. That should make this livable. 

We have moved on, forevermore, for good or worse to other avenues, to other roads, to other choices. DH is working as a Chemist now. He seems to like it. I sincerely hope that is true. I know what it is like to go to work every single day, hating every moment, until it is time to go home. I don't want that for him. 

We are settling in. We have found a larger place to live, that will be better for us. We will be moving in less than a month. It is very exciting and scary as well. 

Our little O is turning one soon. Can you believe it!!! Already... She is so sweet and so perfect. I can't believe that she is almost 1 year old. Her big sisters adore her, drive her crazy and help her often. I am blessed with my children. 

Keep sending your prayers our way. 

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