Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Have you ever?

Have you ever met someone that simply amazes you. I have. I can actually say I have met and know many people that constantly amaze me. How they live their life, how they do things, amazing. I count many of these people as my friends..

Today though, I want to write about a woman I met a few months back. She has not given me permission to write her story so I will not name names, we will simply call her Maddie.. 

Maddie is simply amazing. I don't mean your average, oh my gosh that woman is awesome or oh wow did you know so and so could do this or that. Maddie really is simply amazing. I am daily astounded by her grace, and faith. 

Maddie is fairly young, she has several young children, all under the age of 7. She met and married the love of her life and had children. Life was not perfect, gosh it is never is. But pretty good.  She and her husband and kids went to church. ( I don't know her super well but I do know some bits) and life went on as it does.. Normal average christian family...

Until one day. An accident that I don't even know the details of happened. Her love, her husband was taken to be with God. One of the hardest things for a person to endure. 

I met her only about 3 or so months after his passing. How did I meet her. She came to me, to help my family in its time of need. She was hurting and still is in a way that cannot be fathomed except by those who experience it and yet she stood on my doorstep to help me. 

I daily watch her function (via facebook) and other avenues and am constantly amazed anew by her grace and faith. She is strong, and sure in her faith. She may have weak moments and moments where her heart feels like it may burst into thousands of pieces but she still stands strong in her faith.

Her grace to others, her ability to step outside her grief to help another is not an every day occurance. Few are able to do that, fewer still will make the effort she does to go to that person in need to make sure the need is met.

She is an example to me. Her story reminds me daily to not take the little things for granted and to help those that I can when I can. I always try to appreciate even the smallest of details of my life. My normal average life. I am thankful to God to have met Maddie and her children. For each of them is a thrill to meet. For they too, stand strong in their faith as little as they are. 

Maddie (you know who you are) God bless you. I pray for you daily. I ask those that read this to pray for her and her family as well. A story such as hers needs such prayers. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quiet but Strong

I have been pretty quiet lately in most areas of my life. I have reached a stage where I am ready for the next season. This season has been long and wintery. The cold air blasts that we have received have frozen me yet I am still strong in the face of it. God has placed his power within me to allow me to continue this path past my ability. 

I don't know what his plan is. Clearly he has one. I can only pray that we are on the path he has chosen for us, not one we have chosen and he is working with.. Yanno.. I believe in this. Still. It has become harder I will not deny that, yet I do still believe in the path we are on. 

It has been a hard path, a path filled with drama, with dire financial issues, and fraught with relationship dangers. We have remained strong in the face of this. Because of God. He has used so  many people to help us through, some have been there over and over again. This path has strained them too. You know who you are.... We both thank and love you. 

I intend to stay quiet but strong. God is with me and through him anything is possible. We can do this. This season is nearing an end, one way or another. I pray that it is is God's will that a pass will occur and we will move forward without such dire financial issues in the near future. 

Father God, Thank you for being there for us on this stark winter path. You know the plans you have for us, and we praise you whatever they are. We only wish to do your will and follow the path you have chosen for us. In Jesus Name, Amen.