Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to switch to DPNs from Circular

I write down the round amounts and how they will work separately from the pattern so I don't lose my place.. (I have kids)

after first decreast round

I might have one more round, but I did not want to chance it and not be able to get all the way around. (I don't like to switch mid round in case I lose which round I am on. 

I had 72 sts on the needles when I moved them on to double pointed needles (dpns)

My regular marker that sits on the needles, it cannot be used at the beginning of round with dpns, it will simple fall off. 

I used a marker that will clip into the knit and set it exactly where the original marker was so I don't lose my place on my rounds. 

begin knitting as if you were using the circular needles, but with the dpn. Note: before you begin the switch, count our stitches that are on your needles and determine how many go on each needle. In this case it was 24. 

 I have 24 sts on the first needle now.  (if you feel more comfortable, put your holders on the end of first dpn. 

 These needles are neither working end, just to show what it looks like. 

working with the second dpn and knitting 24 sts on it. 

 pulling the sts toward the front of the circs, give them a parallel kind of look.. 

 two dpn in use, now to knit the last 24 sts off the circ onto the 3rd dpn.. (you could also break this up and use 4  dpns, knitting with the 5th, but I prefer using 3 dpns and knitting with the 4th. 

 all sts have been moved to the dpns. The circ is laying next to the work, unused. 

 you can store them like this... 


 like this if you are worried about sts falling off.. in this case I was a little concerned considering how many sts were on there and I have kids.. LOL

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