Monday, November 18, 2013

Quiet but Struggling...

On the blog front, I have not had much to say. I have been quiet, but that does not mean it has been easy here. Things have been very tough, not just emotionally but financially as well as physically. As you all know my MIL passed away at the end of the month of October, it was so sad and continues to be.

The children are struggling still especially my middle child. She misses her so very much and her disappearance from our lives has made her be very clingy to me specifically. She wants to skype her, see her or just simply talk to her, to hear her loving sweet voice. I feel so sad for my baby girl. My older girl misses her too, but seems to have a greater understanding that she is with God. She loves her still but understands that she is better with God.

My dear father in law, well he is as well as he can be. I cannot fathom what his feelings are. Sadness sometimes surrounds him, his eyes reflect that pain that he feels inside. The loneliness, the aching pain of a love lost. The girls seems to sense this and sometimes just crawl all  over him.

Dr. O is in study mode. He will be taking the Step 2 in the next month or so. Keep him in your prayers.

For me, I have gone gluten free, and am in the detox stage. I am getting headaches, sometimes severe. However, my body is not as achy as it was and I don't have the same amount of gas that I have had for years.

We have geared up on our homeschooling. The girls are learning and we are learning the process together. I will post more about that later..

For those that pray, please continue to keep us in your prayers..

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  1. Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. :( I am very close to mine so I can't imagine what your family and FIL are going through. Prayers that you all find strength to walk through this time.

    I'm gluten-free too. Hoping your detox phase is over fast!