Friday, October 4, 2013


My father in law is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I am not sure he knows how amazing he really is. He just does what must be done. I wish I could help him right now, but no one can. My mother in law is struggling to live and has seemed to have given up that will. It is quite understandable given that she has had 9 strokes in 11 years. It is hard to watch, hear about etc. 

I cannot imagine how either of them must be feeling. They have been married for 40 years. It is hard to lose a life partner in any case, but one of 40 years. That must be unfathomable. My mom said it felt like she lost a part of her that she just had to learn to live without. How do you learn that. 

Please pray for both my mother in law and my father in law as well as the rest of the family. Their two sons, my husband and brother in law. I have lost my father but I still have my momma and cannot even think of what it will be like to lose to her. I pray for them daily. 

We will also have to address it with the girls. I dread that moment. 

I have not had the best relationship with my mother in law, but we healed that relationship in the short time we lived together. I do love her because she is my husband's mother, and she is a wonderful grandmother. I am sad that my children will not grow up in her arms. 

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