Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great Sadness

There are have been many tough battles in our life lately. The lack of money has been the worse. However, there is something worse than the lack of money than can happen in your life. Many of us know that but forget it. We have been made to remember that. 

My dear husband lost his mother on Thursday October 24, 2013. She has gone home to be with The Lord. We are all very saddened to have lost her here on Earth but we know she is in a better place. A place where she is no longer sick and suffering. She is in a place of a whole body and mind. 

She will be missed by many as a friend, sister, aunt, cousin, mother, grandmother, daughter and wife. She was my mother in law for nearly 8 years and our relationship was not always the smoothest and most friendly but we made our peace with each other and came to love each other. I will miss her. It feels so empty without her. There is an empty void in this family where she once stood. It is felt by everyone. 

My dear husband and his brother Ruel lost their cherished mother. I feel for them. I think it has not hit them yet. It takes a while for it hit home that you have lost such an integral person in life. It will be a hard adjustment. I can only hope that I can do something to help them.

Siblings lost a sister. A sister full of the love of God. A quiet reserved loving sister. One full of prayers for the best things in life for them. A sister who loved them, who they loved in return.

A mother lost a child. A grown child, but still her child. The pain must be respected, and prayers must be said for her mothers heart. A heart lonely for a missing child. 

The person that I hurt for the most though, is my father in law. A husband without a wife. A lover without his best friend. A two with only the one. Where there once was an us, now there is only a me. The sadness you see in his eyes, is painful to see. The longing for a person who was his everything is hard to watch. 

I ask any that read this, to pray. For each member of this family to have peace and strength in being without a woman so loved by each.

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