Sunday, September 15, 2013

Season of Life

Is life always this intersting or it is just my life? I am beginning to think it is just my life. I talk to others and they have things going on in their life but not to the extent that I do. I know some people do but on the whole most people don't have everything hit at once. 

I feel overwhelmed, and out numbered by the problems and stresses in my life. I am trying to keep a positive attitude but some days are harder than others. On some days, I am sure it will pass and everything has happened or a reason. On my off days, well I am just no fun at all to be around.

Sad, but true. 

I am ready for this so called season of my life to change. I am beginning to feel like my long winter is not going to stop, just maybe I moved to Siberia and did not realize it. I know that in this winter there have been some wonderful moments, such as the birth of each of my children. They are the reason I still feel some positivity in this long winter night. 

I am in one of my positive days today. I went to church today which always helps my mood, I did not really get to attend the service due to my middle little but I was able to visit with some mommies in the nursery and that helped plus my Oldest little got to go to her class which she absolutely adores. 

Because I feel positive today, I feel like there is a purpose in all of this. Will I ever know what it is, maybe.. maybe not. 

God Bless and may God's purpose show in your lives. 

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