Monday, August 26, 2013


We have started our first official homeschool year. At least official to us. The girls birthdays fall in such a way that Elle would not start for another year in Kindergarden. I did the research online and she is in kinder rather than preschool. I have been working on having papers to do, obtaining school supplies (you just gotta love the dollar store for that), making lesson plans etc. 
We are currently on break right now and they are playing. They don't want to eat right now. So I guess we will break when they are hungry. 

Today has been a serious learning curve for momma. I  had to make some stuff up as I went especially for Bean to learn shapes and colors. We are going to have to get some coloring in for ABC.. instead of all the lined abc stuff we have which fits Elle's needs. So I guess later after class is out.. I will do some looking around and find and print some of that. I used a lot of that for Elle. 

Baby D stayed with the grandparents while we were in class. That was awesome especially given it was the first day of school. She was pretty good too. 

First day of homeschool over.  I felt like it was a success and very excited for all the stuff we are learning. It wa definitely a learning curve as I mentioned before. Hopefully the rest of the week flows a little better for this teacher. I am sure it will be more of a learning curve for me. I did finish my lesson plans for the week today, and I am guessing there will be changes made as I adjust to being a kindergarden teacher, while also teaching preschool. 

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