Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's about to get interesting...

Life, if is isn't interesting enough for us, is about to get even more interesting. Mr. O will be returning to medical school it appears. We are waiting for the final okay from his school, but it looks like a go. I am very glad on one hand. I know he loves medicine. I feel like he is supposed to be a doctor. Everyone seems to feel that way. I want this for him. 

To that end, I will do what I have to do to make this happen for him. However, I will also admit I am nervous, very nervous. We have talked and made some very hard decisions on what path we must take to allow him to study and really get the stuff into his head so that he may pass step 2. It entails him leaving and staying with a friend in California for 2 months. How will I survive. I know I have done it before but it was awful last time. 

I just have to buck up, and embrace it. I know that. I guess this blog is me doing just that. I will miss him but it is really not that long in the scheme of our life. The girls will miss him, especially V I think. However, what must be done well it must be done. 

We won't have daily contact so that on days I am having a seriously bad day, he won't know about it. It won't throw him off mentally. That is why we are having him go so far away to start with. I won't be able to call him home and he can stay focused on what he needs to be focused on: school. Our family will adjust to this. 

I will say that while money has been tighter than ever lately, I have enjoyed the normalcy of him coming home every night. I have not had to deal with call or him being out of town on a rotation or any of the other lovely stuff that comes with working in a hospital. I have throughly enjoyed our normal life. I knew it would not last though, which I guess is why I have enjoyed it so much. Beneath it all, I knew he would return. 

So once we get the final okay, our medical journey begins anew. Those that pray, please add us to your prayer list. 

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