Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Texas and being Texan

We have moved to another state. A state I grew up in. A state I am proud to be from. I grew up learning about Sam Houston and the Alamo before I learned about George Washington and the United States. That's right people, Texas.

Only in Texas, do you see the state flag waving at the same height as the American flag. The reason, Texas is the only state in the union that was a country before it was a state. I assure you, every Texan knows this. There are so many sayings in Texas basically about all that. 

'You can become an American, but  you gotta be born Texan'. 

'I wasn't born Texan, but I got here as fast as I could'

'I wasn't born in Texas, but my great-whoever died in the Alamo' (Not a saying, but makes not being born Texan far more acceptable, even commendable. It is not your fault you weren't born in Texas if this is true. 

I like it here. I forgot, I guess that being Texan is something that is ingrained in your very being. I no longer even hear accents. My husband says this is because mine is back. I don't hear mine either, which when I was in California I could hear. I wonder how soon it will be before my littles develop an accent too. 

I will admit I do wish things were easier financially here. I hope that my husband finds a better job soon. Life would certainly be easier if that were true. However, that being said. I believe that everything is happening according to God's will. We are in this place because it is the way God wanted it. We are learning and changing each day according to his will. 

That all said. I am glad to be back in Texas. I never knew that I had a 'place' that I felt more at home. I have always been proud to be from Texas, but never realized until I came back that it was home. My husband has a place, Huntington Beach, CA. I also said I don't have a place that makes me feel more at peace, more at home. I guess I did and just did not realize it.

It is Texas simply because I am Texan. 

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