Friday, June 7, 2013


Being so without money is difficult. We have been in a bad positions before, but this is pretty bad. I don't have gas in the car to do the errands needed and I don't have money to put gas in the car to run the errands needed. 

We don't even have money for food. Dang. That's bad. We are hoping the state aid will kick in soon. I know I sure do. I called WIC and got that moving but right now.. Money is tight. I don't know how we are going to pay the bills that we have. 

I am going to talk to my mother about moving her phone into her own account because it is a constant fight for us to pay the phone bill. She paid the last one. Another one will come due for 300 soon. Where will the money come from. I don't have a bloody clue. 

I try to be positive about the money situation but it is in fact pretty bad. I mean, we aren't homeless and aren't likely to be. So that is a plus. We do have food in the house, not much but food yes... We got some furniture off freecycle that is pretty nice.. that is a plus.. We are about to have a baby and have pretty everything we need to do that... another plus... 

I just have to try not to think of the actual money available cause there is so little of it. I know God has a plan but the season of low money is hard. We have been in this season for a LONG time. This part of it, just seems to be worse. You know how the some seasons get worse as they progress, well that is where we are. We are in Winter, and it is January and snowing really hard on us. Have I mentioned I don't like cold weather.. 

Again, I am sure there is a plan. I am trying to look at God's work like a braid. There are 3 strands. You can only see one at a time. Even though there are two other strands moving. You won't see the plan until the braid weaves together. 

However, this is hard. 

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