Saturday, June 15, 2013

and... Today is the day.. or is it?

Today is my 40 weeks of being pregnant marker. According to the charts today is the day, but really is today the day that our little girl will decide to let us met her? That is the really the question on everyone's mind. When do we get to met her? When does Mommy get to not be hugely pregnant anymore? When do we get to see her face and hear her cry? When do her sister's get to see her beautiful little face? 

Short answer: Only God knows. Well maybe this little one knows. 

I have to admit that I am ready, not just because of the labor fiasco the other day but because being full term is not an easy place to be. Many of you understand what I mean when I say this. However, you exchange it for other uncomfortableness. It is not a great exchange, but you do get to hold a precious little miracle of God in the exchange, so I guess after all it is a great exchange. 

The miracle of life is amazing in how God created it. How you start with two parts of different people and they become one person. How that those two different people create one person that starts so small and grows into something big enough to live outside of momma who sustains him/her for so many months. 

Researchers and PH. D's and various other people through out the years have tried to understand it. They have tried to duplicate it. They have tried to make it seem like less of a miracle than it is. However, the reality is. This particular miracle is God created and only God can sustain it. 

I am proud to be part of it for my 3rd time. I am so happy that I get to met our little miracle very soon. I am proud of my other two little miracles watching Angelina Ballerina right now. I know that God created children so that we might understand his love for us a little bit clearer. The love you feel for your children is unlike anything else you might feel, and God wanted us to have that. 

Thank you Father God for letting me be part of that. 

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