Wednesday, June 19, 2013

and... still waiting.

Yes, we are still waiting to meet our newest little O. She is pretty happy it seems where she is. This momma is getting way past ready to go into labor. God certainly knows what he is doing. If the end of pregnancy were more fun, you would worry more about what labor would be like. As it is, a woman is ready and then so. Her thoughts run more like 'Bring it on' than 'oh crap'. 

I am ready to hold my newborn. I am ready to see her beautiful little face. I am ready. I think I might be more than ready. I will admit I do have some desires. I want it to happen here in my home as I planned. I don't want any complications that might move me to a hospital. 

I want my husband, and family here with me. Everyone is in town right now. I really wish it would happen now. I also know though that it will happen in God's timing not my own. However, these are just things I want. 

Yesterday, I walked a lot. At the end of the day, I had pressure everywhere it felt. I thought it might throw me into labor. Yea, it threw me into miserable-ness not labor. I am not sure I will try that one again. 

We are officially 40 weeks 4 days. It is the most I have ever been pregnant. I had the older girls by now. We are creeping towards 41 weeks. I don't know how some women are so pregnant and stay pregnant for 42, 43, 44 weeks. I commend each and every one of you. It is tough being that pregnant.

I am still contracting on and off through-out the day. Some days more than others, some contractions more painful that others. I keep thinking that due to all this, it will be fast but the reality is- it could be just as slow as the others. 

No one knows, only God. 

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