Monday, May 27, 2013

Short time, lots of change.

Well a lot has changed for our little family in a rather short time frame. Last October, we were scheduled for a tubal, so no more little E's running around. About 2 weeks from my surgery date, we found out that we were expecting again. It was a hard thing to accept at first, but then it was as easy as pie to realize that God was adding to our family. We are sincerely happy to be having another child. 

In November, I went to visit my sister and a friend went into my apartment to take care of something for me and found that someone had robbed us blind. Nothing was left untouched, unsoiled. I felt so violated. It was then learned that whoever had done it, had a key. They did not break in, they unlocked my apartment. That terrified me. What if I had been home with my little girls. 

So, I felt unsafe to stay there. We packed up and moved into my sisters house some 7 hours away. We stayed there until April, when we decided to go ahead and move to Texas as we had planned to do. Mr. O left first, to get a job. He had a lot of problems getting a job because he had been out of the field for so long, and while he was there. We found out he had failed the step 2 again. Worse than before. He and I had already talked about what we would do if he failed. His choice was to withdraw. Now the move to Texas was rather than being for a year, was to be a permanent move. 

I followed about 3 weeks later. I ended up staying with my mom for a little over a month I think. Hubby ended up staying with a friend because the commute from where we were living and the job was costly. We only saw him on weekends. We had not the money to move into our own place. I geared up to have the baby in OK. 

I felt abandoned by God. I was heartbroken at everything that was happening. Then God stepped in. Several of our friends sent us money to assist in us getting on our feet. They helped us move into this apartment, helped us not lose our storage with all of our stuff, helped us not have our phones turned off and several other items that required money we did not have. 

Which brings us to here, almost June. We are about to have our special addition to our family, here in Texas in our apartment. God provided an amazing midwife who would work with us financially. He provided a way to obtain a birth tub for super low cost, and he just kept at. A doula to help during the birth for a low fee, a friend to do the placenta encapsulation, and video and birth photography, a baby shower. He kept at it though, he provided furniture that was either free or super low cost and he provided someone to help Mr. O move it. 

Life is still difficult but I know that God has a plan. I won't lie and say money is not an issue still. We were so behind the ball that we are still in a bad place financially risking phones being turned off and the like. However, God has his hand on us. I know that there is a plan that is so much bigger than I can imagine. I know that my husband is struggling with what is going on but I know God will touch him and give him strength and hope for the future. 

Our little family has had a lot of tough times. However, we have something that others don't. We have faith in God. We have love in each other. We have two beautiful children and another one that will be here soon. Some people dream of what we have though they may be well off financially. If I had to choose I would choose here with my little family. I love them so very much and feel blessed by God to have them. 

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