Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Birth

I mentioned a few posts back that I was planning a home birth. I have since moved out of California to Oklahoma. I am staying at my mother's house, but actually plan to live in Texas. My husband is working in Texas, shortly we will be able to move into our own place there.

I choose to go ahead and set up up here in Oklahoma at my mom's house just so I would have a plan in place. It feels good to know what is going to happen. Ideally, this little girl would be born in Texas (and if your Texan you will understand that desire) but I she will be an okie like her Nenna. 

I will be giving birth to her here at my mom's house with midwives in attendance. It will be a non-medicated, non-interventional birth. What does that mean? It means of course no medicine to easy the pain, of course no epidural but it also means no piticion, no breaking of my water, no episotomy. It means my body will do what it is supposed to do without an help from others. 

Of course, my midwife and her assistant will be in attendance monitoring me and the baby the whole time. They will be doing what they can to make it easier on me and they will be paying attention to anything going wrong. If that is the case, I will of course transfer to a hospital and have her there. 

It is very interesting, once you do the reading. Why don't more women do this. Why don't more women go this route, well I think the simple answer is this: We are taught to go the medicated route. The easy route. Yes, it is the easy route. Childbirth is hard work. I talked to a lot of women, and read a lot of stories and NOT a single woman who did it natural regret their decision. However, a lot of women regret the epidural route. 

The beauty of choosing homebirth is that you absolutely know you are in charge of your birth. Midwives want you to be in charge of your birth. At the hospital, they often don't want you to be because they have schedules to keep, and more patients than staff. Them being charge makes it easier on them. 

I did two epidural births with my other two children. The first one, I was happy with but it went as expected in an epidural birth. I went in labor at home of course, and saw the doctor the next day and was of course checked. Oh, your dilated to three, you will have this baby tonight. Yea, I labored for several more days. Yes, you read that right. Days. I was in prodromal labor. It means that your body is contracting but nothing occurs. It is very common in first time moms and in moms that have had prodromal with their first. 

Why does prodromal happen you wonder. I did the research this time. Since  I had also done it with my second child, not as long because I recognized the signs and went to the hospital sooner. Prodromal most often occurs in first time mothers, because of anxiety of the pain of childbirth. Interesting huh. The brain is an interesting thing. Basically according to my reading, the brain in anxiety mode overrides your body to a large degree, so you labor but your brain stops you from progressing because of fear, really.  A woman that has had a prodromal labor, will often have another one because, here's the kicker, she had prodromal labor in the previous labor. 

It can be caused by the position of the baby as well. There are things you can do to adjust the baby so that your labor progresses if that is the case, but most often it is caused by anxiety. We are taught to fear childbirth. We are often these days even being told that our bodies can't handle childbirth. Women have been giving birth for millions of  years without help, why are we believing when we are told our bodies are not made for it? 

I won't lie and say I am not nervous of the pain of childbirth. I am. I don't like pain one little bit. However, I want to do it this way for a number of reasons. I want to be in charge. I want to have this little one out of the hospital. I want my body to be able to do what it was meant to do. I want to labor the way I want to, without being strapped to a bed. Heck, I want to be able to EAT. (such a stupid rule, but don't get me started on that)

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