Saturday, March 9, 2013

Roommates... Can be problematic

Peace.. How do you find it when you have a bad roommate? How to you conquer the constant annoyance of said roommate? How do you not let every little thing get to you once they have got to you?

I don't know the answers to these things, I wish I did. My roommate happens to be someone I love. I can't say like so much as love because I have loved this person for who they were to me in the family for so long. Living with said person, unfun, period.

I have somehow become their focus. I don't know how to handle that without causing a serious rift and to be honest I am not currently handling it well. I should be talking instead of hiding out which is what I am doing. I know myself though, I let it go too far instead of trying to find some control of the situation. If I had talked to this person instead of getting some peace, it would have went badly.

Frankly, I don't even know if talking will work. I don't see a solution in site other than to try to get through the months that I need to. I am not moving because they are causing difficulty. I will turn a good situation for them into a very basic roommate situation if I have to, if that is what is needed to get through. Moving is not the solution for my family. It is the opposite of the solution so the solution is for this person to get it under control and start acting right.

I am still mad, that I have been put in this situation by someone who claims to love me. I guess that is what is the biggest problem for me. I expected more from this person. I expected this person to treat me with respect and to live with my family in a decent manner without uncomfortableness. I guess I expected too much, which I guess is why I am mad. I expected more from someone who is supposed to love me and mine.

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