Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pregnancy.. it ain't for sissies...

I am one day shy of 27 weeks pregnant, which is the third trimester. This pregnancy has been mostly uneventful and easy, well easier than with my older girls. Pregnancy at my age is not easy, period. Though, I must admit not having morning sickness for weeks on end certainly has merit. I was so sick with the girls for about 18 weeks each, this one - only mild nausea here and there.

I have been more tired than I ever thought possible to be. The first trimester was tough, really tough, all I wanted to do was sleep and with two smalls running around, that is not so much possible. The second trimester, I was still tired, less than before but more than I was with my other pregnancies. I guess being 39 has a factor in your exhaustion in pregnancy. It certainly feels like it.

Now, we are entering the third trimester, and boy am I feeling it. Everywhere. I am again very tired, but it is exacerbated by the nightly issues. The right position to support my ever-growing tummy, the restless leg that attacks just as you settle down to go to sleep, the insomnia in general, the round ligament pain, the braxton-hicks that strike when you least expect it. The many joys of the third trimester.

and lets add, a badly functioning gall bladder to that wonderful mix. It is still working, which I am thankful for, oh my I am thankful for that. However, it is not functioning as it should. I am having to eat lower fat, not fat free and hopefully I don't have to go that route this time. However, I am having to watch what I eat.

and... tonight I forgot. Yep, silly but I did. I cooked a meatloaf, it smelled so good. I did not even think about the fact that it was fully of hamburger and fat goes with that. I ate one helping and then went back for more, this is after I ate some cheese. One the second helping I realized, uh oh.. Meatloaf... yep.. that equals fat. I am gonna pay for this later..

and I am.. this is why I am awake.. Just as I went to go to bed.. Two things hit at once.. First round ligament pain that I could not settle. I kept trying to find the right position to make it happy, and I could not find it. 20 minutes later, finally. It settles.

I settle in to go to sleep, and then the gall bladder and gas act up. Sick.. Uncomfortable sick. Not so sick as I can't function but that discomfort and mild misery feeling has struck. Ugh.

As I said in the beginning .. Pregnancy ain't for sissies.. Well, pregnancy at 39 .. it ain't for sissies.

Yes, I am aware that this is a vent post, I am glad I am pregnant but it is tough as anyone cast attest to...

13 weeks to hold little miss.. I can't wait to meet her. If I had to do it all over again and go through this .. I would. This is not fun, but when I meet my little girl, and my other girls meet her.. It will be worth it.

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