Monday, March 11, 2013

God Lessons

Lessons that everyone should learn. I learned one of them this past Sunday. It was a God lesson. Chosen for my husband and I. It was amazing and life-changing. It was a blessing. It carried over to our lives in general. It is a lesson I hope we don't forget. It is a lesson we should not forget.

We went to our old church this past Sunday. It is wonderful church full of wonderful people. It is a church that is God driven. It is a place of family. A place of home. It is the one church of all the churches that my husband and I have attended where we felt instantly like family. They are so welcoming both the very first time you walk in and the 8000th time you walk in, It is an amazing place.

It is in this place of warmth and fellowship that God chose for our lesson to be learned. It is not a lesson that might be fully learning in any other environment. It was through a focus group called Joy in Suffering. A wonderful woman by the name of Karen Jones is the teacher of this class, and what a class it is. Everyone should take it and learn what she is teaching.

A lesson in finding true joy vs happiness. True joy is God given, a peace that can only come from God no matter the circumstances in your life. Facing every twist and turn in your life with the joy that can only come from our creator. Knowing that he is always there for us no matter what the circumstances.

Learning that you can be happy in life but not feel true joy. Happiness is usually caused by an external source it does not come from within, whereas joy does. You can face whatever circumstances that life throws at you and still remain positive and peaceful. You can only do this through God though.

Thank you Ms. Karen for sharing this wonderful and amazing lesson with us. It has changed us forever.

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