Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Self Care and how awesome it feels.

Again lots of changes going on here. Exciting ones for this stay at home mom. I have started helping my sister and her soon to be ex out with their business. So I am getting to get a taste of work again. I forgot how much I enjoy it.

I have also been on a self care kick the last few days. I got my hair cut, into a style for the first time in years. It looks great. I love it. It is more work than usual but it is totally worth it. I wore makeup for the first time today in a quite a while. I forgot how wonderful it feels to be pretty, sexy even. Not just someones mom. I forgot that you don't have to bland and boring to be someones mom. I forgot that I am a married woman and I am also someone's wife. I am glad that my sister helped me to remember that.

In addition to the hair and makeup I got my toes done and tonight I painted my fingers to match. I wore jewelry today even. I make jewelry but rarely wear it. It was wonderful to remember how fun jewelry makes you feel.

I finally bought the new purse and wallet I have been wanting. I also got a few other various self care items I have been interested in as well. I spent more than I usually would but I am justifying it by the fact that I have not done ANY self care in a long time. My husband has been so supportive.

Tonight he even took me and bought me some new perfume. I had been looking for a new perfume but had not make a real effort to get any. I did not like my old stuff anymore. It did not seem to fit. I found a new perfume tonight I absolutely love.

Also some wonderful glamorous deep red lipstick that makes me look HOT. MAC lipstick. Some of the best stuff ever. I love me some MAC lipstick. My hubby even came with me and helped me pick out the shade that both of liked.. That he thought was HOT on his wife.

I am glad to have a sister to help me remember that. I am also just as certain that my husband is as thankful to her maybe more.  Yep, I am certain that he is happy with my awesome sister.

How can anyone forget how good feeling good about yourself is... However I did and I am just as sure that I am not the only one.

Ladies, don't neglect yourself. Life is too short not to feel wonderful about yourself and to make yourself HOT for your partner.

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