Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Change, embracing it.

Life in general is interesting, I guess. I know my life is.
It ebbs and flows and
is ever changing yet
does not it does not change at all.

I am introspective a lot lately with the
coming changes in our lives.

external will change
in June / July. It is
nerve - racking and
a bit Scary.
I am trying to take
each day, peacefully
and accepting of the
path, whatever it
might be.

I am as certain as
I am of our life being
ever- changing that
there will be a few
surprises along the
Heck there has
already been one
very impressive one
who is due in 20

I also know though
that future is in
God's hands and
he will protect us
and provide for us
in ways we can't
even imagine.

MY one hope and
fear that I must
confront is...RESIDENCY.

MY hope is that we
stay strong throughout
the tough years it
brings... My fear is
that we won't.

I will have to work
to give that fear to
God and let him be
fully in charge and
let him give me peace.

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