Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Introspection on being blessed.

Life has a way of changing constantly. Things occur that you least expect and often don't want or even understand. It is interesting to me how all this occurs and why. I know that God has a plan for everyone's life that we don't understand or even see coming for the most part. I know that when I live according to his will things seem to go smoother. The changes are ever coming thou whether you want them or like them.

I must admit that some are welcome while others you could certainly do without. Change has certainly occurred for us this year and more to come in 2013. I fear the change to come while at the same time I welcome it. I know not what it will bring and the wait for it seems to interminable. June of 2013 is long awaited and very scary.

June will bring a graduation and a doctor into the O family as well as a new baby The graduation we have waited a long time to happen. The baby a new development but a happy occurrence. June will also bring a move to somewhere we don't yet know. July the beginning of a new job for Dr. O and of course that job will be a residency.

Life is definitely interesting being married to Dr.O. It has always been so. Even before children it was interesting but yes children made it more so. I love that man more than words in the English language can accurately describe. I am glad I have made this choice and this journey with him. I would make the same choices again if given the change.

God has wholly blessed me with my life and though it has not been an easy journey nor will it turn easy in the next five seconds or even next five years I feel blessed.

May God bless you as he has blessed me.


  1. How are the residency interviews going?

  2. None yet, but hubbs applied late.. We shall see what happens..