Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Introspection on being blessed.

Life has a way of changing constantly. Things occur that you least expect and often don't want or even understand. It is interesting to me how all this occurs and why. I know that God has a plan for everyone's life that we don't understand or even see coming for the most part. I know that when I live according to his will things seem to go smoother. The changes are ever coming thou whether you want them or like them.

I must admit that some are welcome while others you could certainly do without. Change has certainly occurred for us this year and more to come in 2013. I fear the change to come while at the same time I welcome it. I know not what it will bring and the wait for it seems to interminable. June of 2013 is long awaited and very scary.

June will bring a graduation and a doctor into the O family as well as a new baby The graduation we have waited a long time to happen. The baby a new development but a happy occurrence. June will also bring a move to somewhere we don't yet know. July the beginning of a new job for Dr. O and of course that job will be a residency.

Life is definitely interesting being married to Dr.O. It has always been so. Even before children it was interesting but yes children made it more so. I love that man more than words in the English language can accurately describe. I am glad I have made this choice and this journey with him. I would make the same choices again if given the change.

God has wholly blessed me with my life and though it has not been an easy journey nor will it turn easy in the next five seconds or even next five years I feel blessed.

May God bless you as he has blessed me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pregnancy, A Robbery, a test, and a move

Wow it has been a while since I wrote and a LOT has occurred in our life. As you all know we found out we were expecting another little one. I am almost 15 weeks.. Wow huh. Time flies when you are pregnant, LOL.

Dr. O went to another state for an away rotation and we have not seen him in 2 months. Too LONG!! We are all ready to see him. The girls especially miss their Daddy but their Mama misses her husband as much. At this point, I am ready for residency because at least then we will see him every few days!!! I might change my tune once we are in residency so someone remind of this post if I complain!!! LOL

At the beginning of November I left my house to go visit my sister and intended to say gone until after Thanksgiving since Dr. O was gone it was easier being apart if I was not home. However, I had left some stuff unfinished on accident so I had to ask one of my friends to go to my apartment to fix it for me. I mailed her my key. It took a week for her to get it. She finally got the key and went to the apartment to find that it had been robbed and trashed. They took everything except the furniture. The worse part, it was not broken into, it was unlocked.

The idea of staying in the apartment was too scary for me with Dr. O never home. I just could not do that. I talked to the complex and at first they were understanding but then they changed their mind. I ended up packing up and moving out quickly and they sent us a bill for 6000 plus dollars for the entire lease amount.

It has been a crazy month. We did luckily have renter's insurance but figuring out everything that was taken has been insane!!!! I had to work on it for quite a while, got it turned and and they have sent a check. I have had to change addresses, move everything from one part of cali to the other part of cali. So much work, so many phone calls.. That is not to mention our identities being stolen, that is our birth certs and social security cards stolen meant that I had to call so many places to protect us.

Dr. O took the COMLEX CK of step two. We are awaiting the results but he feels good about it. I am hopeful that he passed. I believe in him as always. That test is so unfriendly, whoever thought that up.. uuugghhh..

As you can see our life has been very tumultuous in the last 2 to 3 months. Crazy. I am ready for some simple normal life moments.

And in light of the tragedy that happened in CT, I have hugged my children extra tight and have been extra thankful for them. I am praying for all those families who can't and my heart aches for them. Please keep them in your prayers a long time. They will need it. Losing a child especially a little one in a senseless act has got to be more than their hearts can bear.