Sunday, September 23, 2012

I believe...

The COMLEX has been scheduled, in November. I think I am as nervous as Dr. O is. So much is riding on this test. So very much.  I know God has a plan for our future that is much greater than our plan but it is still quite nerve-raking waiting it out.

 I believe in our future, I believe in Dr. O. God has placed us exactly where he wants us to be. I have so much to be thankful for. I can't even express to you how much I love my kids. They are my heart. They drive me crazy sometimes but they are my heart. I love them much more than I could ever express in mere words. Loving them makes me understand God loves for us so much more.

I also love Dr. O in a way that I did not think possible to love a man. He is such a blessing to me and my family. He is man chosen for me by God. We make a great team. I won't say we don't have our ups and downs but we are perfect match. Riding the roller coaster that is our life definitely brings out the best and the worse in us, and yet through it all our love remains steady and sure.

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