Monday, July 2, 2012

More Tooth Pain.. and some excitement

   So things have been rather interesting here in this household. We finally reached the point that we have money. Finally. That was a long haul. Wow was it a long haul.
   I, however have another tooth infection, a really bad one. I went to the dentist, got antibiotics-amoxicillian for the last infection and had a deep cleaning, which by the way is expensive if you did not know that and Medi-cal does not cover it either. I had a wisdom on the top that had a hole in the center that needed removed, however that required oral surgery and the oral surgeon is only in the office once a month. So the cleaning was done and the dentist broke off the rest of the tooth while doing the cleaning.
   2.5 week went by and the appt was nearing and I developed a infection. Of course the day before the appointment is when I realize that something is wrong. I thought it was just that my tooth was impacted and needed removing. Nope. I had a raging infection that does not allow me to open my mouth. It turns out if you can't open your mouth they can't do the surgery. The OS prescribes more amox for the infection, and says make an appt for my next opening. (btw that is a month from now)
   I go fill the prescription fully expecting to improve within 24 hours. Nope. We are at day 3 and I am worse. I have been living off of Jamba, Ensure, Boost and smushed up cheese. I will be going to the doctor today to hopefully get something stronger that will kick this infection in the butt. It is painful and I am ready to eat FOOD.
   In other news, I am excited that my new endeavor seems to be going well. I updated the website and the FB page yesterday. I am really enjoying making the jewelry. It seems I am creative in that. I believe though that God is involved in all of this. I have prayed about all this every step of the way. He has provided the way to obtain the necessary supplies and the inspiration to create each item. Please stop by and check it out if you are interested. and the FB page is
   The other exciting thing is that I got to spend a whole day home alone. I have not done had that much time alone since my kids were born. It was a wonderful day of self-care. I did spend a good portion of it sleeping due to pain pills and this infection but it was nice all the same. I admit at one point I realized the kids were too quiet and went to check on them and realized I was home alone. The kids had a great time with their Lolo, Lola and Dad at the grandparents house.

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