Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since January I have been trying to lose weight and change my eating habits. I have been small my entire life. Granted, both times  I got pregnant I was heavy for me.  I know the numbers don't sound bad to some but to me they did. I have weighed 125-135 for most of my life and I thought 145 was heavy. I weighed the exact same weight both times I got pregnant, 145. I lost back down to the 145 within a year of my first child and immediately got pregnant with my second child. I had a problem pregnancy that resulted in a fat free diet for 7 weeks. I hated it. When I finally had V, I weighed 135. I was 10 pounds lighter than when I GOT pregnant. I began eating everything it seemed. I found that going without good tasting food was a license to eat a lot of bad food after she was born and I did.

Fourteen months later I went to the doctor and weighted 162. I had gained 27 pounds. I was wearing a size 14 clothes. My tops went from small to large and my pants went from size 6 to size 14. Any woman reading this blog will understand how I felt at that moment. I felt huge. I felt ugly. I certainly did not feel pretty or sexy. I know you can at any weight but I did not. It was traumatizing to me.

Another factor for me was that my mom is diabetic and I was diabetic with both kids. I have more than a 50% higher chance of getting type II than most. I do not want to be diabetic when I get older and I am already 38. If I kept going the way I was going, eating whatever I wanted, which included tons of sugar, fat, and just plain junk. I was going to continue to gain weight which would make me even more susceptible to diabetes. I was heading straight in the direction of a Type II diabetic diagnoses.

That moment changed my life.

I decided right then, right there to change how I ate permanently. I was not going to go on diet.  I was going to change how I ate for good. And I did. I cut my junk food first. The chips, the processed food, the pizza rolls, the candy bars, the cookies. Then I started cutting back my sugar. After I adjusted to all that, I cut my red meat down to a very minimum. I also stopped drinking soda, period. None at all, ever. I also starting drinking plenty of water. At this point I added a ton of fruits and veggies.

During this process I added exercise. At first it was only a little bit, then I tried Yoga. I love yoga. It works and it so relaxing. It helps me feel better on a day to day basis. If you haven't tried it, Do!

I have lost 27 since January. I am wearing a size 6 and small to medium tops. My shoe size even went back down to the 6.5 to 7 that I was before I had kids.

I must admit that I am super happy with how I look and super proud of myself for working so hard to get here.


  1. You are awesome!!
    I've been trying to lose some weight too. And I know the feeling of when reality slaps you in the face. It's not a good feeling.
    Again. You are awesome! Keep going!