Thursday, March 15, 2012

Illness and General Life

This past month has been kind of difficult health-wise for my family. I caught a flu, a bad flu. It made me so very sick. I was bad off for at least 2.5 days, and sick in general for about a week. Immediately after that I got sick again with something else for another week. Then the girls got sick for about a week and they were healing up and I caught THEIR sickness. uggghhh ...

I believe we are all finally on the mend, with contagious illnesses. I am however having a neck/nerve issue. My arm, shoulder and neck are hurting so bad. Hubbs has worked on it, and it is not helping. I have used my TENS unit but that is not helping a lot either. I am ready for this constant pain to go away.. Uuuggghhh .. It seems to be one thing after the other physically for me.

I also wore make-up last week, I don't wear it alot but I do wear it. I wore all the same stuff I usually wear and the next morning my eyes were swollen and my face felt like it was on fire and it was mildly read. I have no idea what I was allergic too since I have worn all of the makeup before. Strangest thing.

I did get some alone time with Dr.O this past week thanks to dear Father in law. It was wonderful to spend time as just Dr. O and C, for us to just be a couple for a minute rather than parents. Please don't get me wrong, I love my babies so very much. I love being their Mommy and I love staying home with them. Sometimes though, it is nice to just be a couple and to just be C rather than Mommy. I feel like as Mommy I am on constant alert but as just C I can fully relax. I don't know if that makes any sense but it is how I feel.

Money is also an issue here. We have tons of things that must be done as well as regular bills to be paid and we just don't have enough money. There is no way we can do it ourselves. I really working on not worrying and giving it to God. He always provides and I am sure he will this time, I just need to step back and trust his timing.

The girls and I have been going to the park or play-area about every other day. I think it is good for them. They like it. Today though at the play area we ran into some kids that were playing rough and not paying attention to the kids that were smaller. V almost got hurt because of them not paying attention. It worried me so we left the play-area just to make sure my girls did not get hurt. I hated leaving early because they love playing so much but I felt it would be in everyone's best interest if I just avoid potential hurt and confrontation with the other parent.

We went and go ice cream after and walked around a bit. They seemed to enjoy that. I did. The ice cream was not so good for my losing weigh goal but it sure was tasty. I will just have to be really good for the rest of the day to hope that lovely ice cream does not add pounds that I have already lost, setting me back.

I am also getting back on my Flylady system, so the house is looking so much better. I love Flylady and what she does for my house, my mood and my kids and hubbs. I love getting up in the morning and coming out to a clean table and a clean LR. It is wonderful.

I have not however been doing any crafting lately, I can only guess that my desire is not there because I have not felt well for a while. Hopefully it will return soon.

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  1. Cheryl,

    Do you have seasonal allergies? I ask because the same thing happens to me every year about this time. My eye swell and burn, the skin my face (especially around my eyes) gets super sensitive and raw. I even sometimes break out in hives just from being outside. When this happens, I don't wear any makeup for a while, and slather my face in neosporin and hydrocortisone cream. It helps me.