Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Day.. New Year

One of the coolest things about January 1st every year, is the idea that you have a fresh start. A fresh start on life almost. You can decide to do things differently that year and try to make it happen. It always makes me look back and see what I could do differently and decide for the coming year, my fresh start, what I will do next.

This new year, in it's very first day has been a good one. I spent the day with Dr.O's family. It was a nice day. I enjoyed it. It was fun watching my beautiful children play and learn together. I always enjoy watching their granddad with them. He blesses me every single time I see him with them, He loves them so much he shines with it.

We are in a difficult spot financially again. I don't like that. I do not enjoy having to ask family to help out again. We did so good though this time with our money. Man, I learned how to stretch a dollar in 2011. I wonder how much further I will learn to stretch it in 2012. God provided though, I sold some of the earrings I make. It was a Godsend for us at this time. I really enjoying making the earrings and it would be wonderful if they filled in the gap for us.

I am praying this year to be better this year than last and I have an opportunity to start fresh on this .. New Day.. New Year...

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