Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friend.. Enemy.. or a Frienemy (Thanks Mona)

There always seems to be something that keeps me awake .. late... It is rarely the same exact thing, but there are some culprits that seem to be a problem.

  • Facebook, sometimes friend  and sometimes enemy ... to quote a friend.. perhaps a frienemy.
  • Ravelry, so many forum posts that are interesting, so many patterns to look at, so many projects people have made to ooohh and aaahh  at and wonder if I can do that.
  • Jewelry, I get so wrapped up in my ideas for a new something and when I start working at it. Time just gets away from me. Ideas for my shop and of course the fun of acting creating the products. Definitely a frienemy. 
  • Knitting, often a problem and definitely another frienemy. I love it so much. I enjoy the feel of the yarn, watching a project take shape and become something, especially if it is for someone else. 
  • Netflix Streaming, not as often a culprit, but enough of one to deserve a mention in this list. 
  • Spotify, a new culprit. I can get lost in the music to choose here.
  • Pinterest, many of you know what I am saying here. It is so easy to get lost in the land of Pinterest. There are so many wonderful ideas to be pinned, liked and commented on. That is not to mention the ones that suck you in even more and delve further into how to do something. Yep a definite Frienemy.
There probably more but these are some culprits to my late night adventures that always hurt at 730a when my kidlets get up. Yep.. It is going to hurt tomorrow when the oldest says "Mommy, you get up now, I'm hungry." I will drag myself out of the bed bleary eyed and wishing , wishing I had gone to bed earlier. I will get her the cereal and I will sit zombie like while the kiddo's eat. At some point within the hour I will start to function but I will still be wishing.. wishing I had gone to bed earlier.. 

When oh when will this war with myself stop. I think with this post. We shall see.. 

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