Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 The year of preparation.

2012 will be a year of preparation. A year of anticipation. A year of waiting, watching, learning, growing but not of true change. This year there will be a lot to prepare for, but not for 2012. This year we will be taking steps to prepare for and anticipate the changes that will occur in 2013. Next year will be our year of change. This year though we are going to have a tough road.

I will be stepping back consciously and letting Dr. O do what he has to do to prepare for COMLEX and away rotations. He must get more studying in than he is right now. COMLEX PE2 will be here before we know, preparation is key. He is already looking into where he wants to do his residency and some places are right next door (well practically) and others are across the country(literally).

As Dr.O's family we have adjust to all this and accept the lack of time we get to spend with him. This however is a life long job. He will always be somewhere doing something that requires him to not be home. We will love on him when he is home and accept when he is not. I am sure I will have days where I am totally accepting of this path and others where I hate it.

The hardcore reality is that there are things in everyone's life they don't like that they have to accept. Each family has something unique that is a challenge for them. This just happens to be ours. It also happens to be a lot of other medical families challenge.

I don't personally like spending tons of time away from my honey. I am perfectly fine with him doing his own thing at home, but I like him to be AT home. I have struggled with this for a long time but I guess it is good that I still struggle with it. It means I still am so in love with him that I miss him when he is not here.

L and V are learning and growing and L totally understands that Daddy has to work. She does really miss him when he is not here and has not quite grasped the concept of why we cannot call Daddy when he is at work and why we can't just go visit him when we pass his building (she calls it Daddy's building). V on the other hand is still a bit young for all that. She and L get super excited when they hear the key in the door that announces Daddy is home but V does not seem to inquire when he is not here.

So this year we will prepare for the coming year of change. I give all I am to God and to his  plan for me. He will provide for us in the same way he always does.

Remember Jer 29:11.. It is my favorite verse. It is my motto. God certainly knows what he is doing.

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