Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feeling Crafty and birthday fun

I have knitted up most of the Christmas presents. I finished my brother, my brother in law, my nephew, my sister. I need to cast on and finish a scarf and two kid hats and my knitting for Christmas will be done.  I still need to create some baby stuff for 3 of my friends. I love knitting. I love making something from nothing.. It is so fun. I realized the other day I have never made myself anything.. Well a dishcloth which I love!!

I had a birthday and got a jewelry making kit and some beads. I made a some earrings last night. I love it. So much fun! I am hoping to make earrings and knitted items and sell them. Pray it works. It would nice to have some extra money. I love it too. I am clearly crafty.. LOL.. My birthday was wonderful this year. My hubby paid for a 1 hour massage for me, it was extravagant but I am excited. It will be wonderful. My MIL and FIL took me to eat Chinese and then bought some crab for me to eat for dinner. I did not eat it last night but I will be steaming it up today I assure you. My family all got together on skype and sang Happy Birthday, it was awesome. I enjoyed it. My husband let me sleep in and just in general let me do whatever I wanted because he said "it is your day". He knows the value of my birthday clearly. LOL. I love that guy.