Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes.. Just Sometimes...

Lately.. Things have been a little more than interesting.. I don't enjoy things when everything seems to be TOO interesting and by that I mean problematic.

The last few days have not been filled with fun. Lots of little things have gone wrong. Admittedly a couple of big things have gone wrong. I guess I should clarify that wrong means not my way. Perhaps they went the way that God planned them to go.

I am feeling a little irritated by the constant stream of not my way. The simple things include stubbing my toe, slamming my finger in the washing machine (don't ask), pulling the chicken out to cook and realizing it is not good, not getting enough sleep, a teething baby, and older kid arguing over every detail of life.  The big things, a doctor visit that did not give answers, something we were excited about but could not occur due to finances.

I know in the whole big scheme of things that it is okay. There is a greater plan for my life than I plan for myself. However, sometimes.. just sometimes... it gets a bit too much for me.

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