Friday, October 7, 2011

Knitting for Christmas

I started knitting about 4 months ago. I fell in love with it. It is clearly my craft. I love yarn, it is so wonderful and comes in such amazing colors and the patterns that can be had for knitting. The amazing things you can make with just a string of yarn, it is just so fun.

This year I decided right after I started knitting that I would make everyone's christmas presents, knitted. I have finished one small gift and one main gift. I am half done with another two. I believe I can get them done. Most of what I am doing is fun yet easy.

I asked each person what they wanted and am making them exactly what they asked for including color. I do hope they enjoy my efforts.

So.. I have made a jester hat, and a cross bookmark and am in the process of...

  1. Stocking Cap
  2. Pair of socks
  3. Beanie
  4. Cable Hat
  5. Cable Scarf
  6. Basic Scarf
  7. Lap Blanket
  8. Fingerless Gloves
  9. 4 more bookmarks
  10. Leaf Top Beanie
I will clearly be busy trying to get these things done by Christmas. I am actually not to worried. The leaf top hat is for L and V.. So they might get it after Christmas. 

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