Friday, October 7, 2011

The Current Rotation

So hubby is on an OP Family Rotation. I have to admit I am enjoying it. The hours he has are wonderful. It is almost like he has a normal 9-5 job.  He is still here in the morning when we get up and he gets home before dinner time. Amazing. Is this what is life to have a husband?

I believe he is enjoying this particular rotation not just for the hours though. He likes what he is doing. Though he is still centered on Peds. So...

It is nice to have him home to help with things. It is wonderful for the girls to get so excited to get up because he is still here. My oldest sometimes gets up early to spend time with him. The joy they have in each other, the girls and their Daddy is such a blessing for me to see. I get such an amazing thrill to see how much they each love each other, even little V gets super excited to see Daeey.

I have enjoyed this short break between horrible hours and never seening my honey and of not having to explain to the littles that we can't even call Daddy because he is at work and can't take the call. I have enjoyed having help at night-time and to be able to enjoy time with my honey.

I believe today was the last day of OP Family, next week is IP Family. The week after that new rotation strikes with very likely BAD HOURS. Ahhh we will adjust, we always do with God's help.

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