Friday, October 28, 2011

Call.. How I dislike thee..

So my husband was on call on Thursday, which meant he left the house at 640a and did not return until 1030am today. His senior decided that sleeping when there was time was not something that should be done. She had them study instead. So he has been awake since around 430 on Thursday morning. He went to bed I think by 11am, Poor guy. I don't see the point of making the students stay awake all that time when there is a call room for a reason. Ok there is my mini rant.

I don't always sleep well when he is on call, ok more like usually. We have not had a call in a month. I got spoiled. uuugghh. I did better than normal in that I went to bed at 130a however the oldest got up at 630a. Earlier than even usual. I could have convinced her to go back to bed however she woke up our youngest who does not understand and is not one to be convinced to go to back to bed.

uuugghh Will I ever get used to call. I don't resent it like I used to but I am not used to it for sure. Again.. uuuggghh.. I am so tired and want a nap and yet I can't nap until the girls do IF they happen to nap at the same time. V is not so good at that dual napping thing yet.

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