Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bread.. Homemade

So, in my newest endeavor to be crunchy, and cost effective I have decided to make our bread.  I got a bread maker off of craigslist for a steal. I paid less than half price for a brand new bread and jam maker. I am impressed I must admit.

So I bought a box ready mix to try the bread maker out, make sure it works etc. Cracked Wheat .. it was good. Then I went and got the basic ingredients and made.. French Countryside Bread... Kind of bland but definitely good.  The bread I really wanted to make was Potato Bread.. I used to make this years, over a decade ago and it was awesome... So last night I made Potato Bread. It was awesome. Soft and moist, 2lb loaf and when you put butter on it.. Oh so good. The perfect bread for sandwiches or to eat just as bread.

I will be making some jam sometime next week and will let you know how that turns out. I did learn there is a thing called Bread Flour which apparently has more gluten in it than regular flour, I compared my bread flour to my regular all purpose flour, they were two different brands yet had the exact ingredients in the same order.. The only difference I found was the Bread flour had 1g more of protein and 1g less of carbohydrates. That was it.. I will try the all purpose in my next batch of potato bread and will sound off on the difference.

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