Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogging and Life...

What is a blog , you question. It can be about many things. However, the base of it is this. It is simply about someone. It might their interests, their dreams, it could something they have experienced, things they learned. As I said it can be many things. Where am I going with this, I bet you are wondering. I guess I kind of am too. We will find out together.

So if a blog can be about anything or anyone. I guess mine is about learning. I am learning all kinds of things lately. It is about finding myself. It is about realizing the potential that I have within. My blog has been and continues to be a journey of introspection and acceptance of life. My life.

I know so much more than I did a year ago. A year from now I will know more than I do right now. I have come to find that things I once knew I no longer know. Why, you ask. Simply because they are no longer important to the course of my life. They hold nothing for me. Why would I keep information I no longer need. I am sure that is still there, probably in that locked file cabinet I sometimes lose the key to.

Life is very interesting. It can be very hard. I can also bring great joy and contentment. It has the greatest of experiences to offer. The ride it takes you on is intense. It filled with wonder and pain. It is more than some can take. It is filled with all the best things you can imagine and often with all the worst you can too. However, the ride is meant to for YOU specifically. It is meant for us to learn and grow from each experience it offers us. We are supposed to be stronger at the end of it, than we were at the beginning.

How can something such as life not make you wonder if you are living to the fullest. Does it not make you wonder if you are what you are supposed to be at that precise moment. Is there something about you that could be better, that could be different, that could more. If you answer this with a yes, then life has much to offer to you.

God has given me something I think not everyone has. I wish everyone did. I wish others could know the peace that I find in him. He has given me acceptance to this life. He has given me great joy in my family and the knowledge that where I am right now at this moment is where I am supposed me.

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  1. Great post! I believe in being thankful for blessings and taking nothing for granted. That formula works for me in order to live a happy life.

    Thanks for joining our Alexa Hop. Let me know when you install that toolbar and I'll come back to visit you! Have a wonderful day.