Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning to be crunchy... as my sis calls it.

I started to do things differently because of money. We moved to cloth diapers and cloth wipes to save money. The cost of disposables was killing us and running out of diapers and no money to buy them.. SUCKS.. We loved cloth diapers. I mean truly loved them.

Then we thought, why are we buying paper towels, lets just get microfiber towels at the dollar store,again to save money. Wow, loved that too. It is awesome to use a towel instead of a piece of special paper basically. I know our guests don't quite know what to make of that. My FIL always buys PT because he can't stand that we don't have any.

Yep, then we went even further, what if WE used cloth wipes. What if we did not use toilet paper. The savings would be awesome, but we would be cleaner too. I never thought I would be okay with that, but cloth diapers had changed how I felt about certain things. So we use what is called the 'Family Cloth'. We love it. I made them because they were so much cheaper than buying. More savings.

Then I figured how to save on my monthly stuff, use reusable pads (fuzzibunz) and a menstrual cup (The diva cup) . I never in a million years would have though even 8 months ago I would do this. It is wonderful. So much better than before. I love it. It has made an unbearable time much more doable.

And I have finally figured out how to get rid of the scrubby pads in the kitchen. Knitted Dishcloths. I am so excited. I hate those things. They stink and they don't last long. Now.. I never have to buy them again.

I am constantly looking for ways to be 'crunchy' and to save money. I don't even LIKE using all the disposable stuff I took for granted a year ago. It is so odd to me that I went from being disposable friendly to this so fast. I love it!

The idea that I never will run out of something and not have the money to buy it, is awesome. My next step is homemade laundry and dishwasher detergent. I have the recipe, now to just make it.

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