Monday, August 22, 2011

Enjoying a new craft

I have always been crafty. I learned how to crochet when I was little but it only thrilled me for a little while. When I got older I started fabric painting, it held it's flavor for a while too, but it is something that is too complicated with kids and a small place. I took up rubber stamping when I started fabric painting. I made all kinds of things.

Then I took up scrap booking. Now that I love to do. It thrills me to no end when I do it. I get such joy out of it. However, yep.. to complicated with smalls around. It is hard to scrapbook without making a mess and lots of little goodies to take out that must be guarded from small hands...

And so... after the girls were born I went back to crochet. It is easy to pick up and lay down. However it never brought that thrill to me. I never had the desire to learn more stitches so I could make more intricate stuff.

Knitting is different. I love learning all the stuff I can do with it. I love reading about and seeing other peoples projects. I have learned how to do both knit and purl easily. I am learning how to do cable stitches right now as well as how to knit in the round. I am still having some issues with ladders between my knit and purl stitches but with time that will go away I am sure.

So.. I am very much enjoying knitting. Here is a pic of one of my current projects. For some reason it has turned the pic sideways and I can't figure out how to fix it.. Sorry..

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