Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year... New Hopes...New Dreams

2011 is here!! For many of us, each January 1st brings new ideas, new hopes, new dreams, new goals. If we had a bad year, we hope the new one will be better, if we had a good year, we hope the new one will be even better. I am no different. As midnight approached I began to consider what I wanted be different this year. I decided on a few things, some I will share now .. some I won't.

I have decided to go back to school. I will make a decision and follow through by September. I have an idea as to what I want to do, I just need to firm it up. I will need to decide where to go, how to handle it with two kids, and what the exact degree I want.

I am also going to try to pamper myself more this year than I did last year. I have some mini goals but we will see  how I can firm that up into some tangible.

I hope to make some other more substancle changes this year, however I don't want to go into them right at this moment.

This new year was marked by my children sleeping, one in her bed, one in her swing, my husband on a 36 hour call and me sitting at the computer playing a computer game and chatting with my sister. It was not bad on the whole, though I would wish my honey was here with me. I did talk to him 11 minutes before.

When I started this blog in June. I felt overwhelmed by the life I was in, hence the title. I don't feel as overwhelmed anymore. I am learning to be a more accepting person and to completely rely on God to get me through the tough spots.

May your 2011 be as blessed as I intend mine to be!!!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling refreshed and renewed like me :0) I also see a common trait in our goals for this year- they are about us :0) Not medical school/medicine, not kids, just us :0) and that is a great thing. I'll be checking in all year to see how it's going.

  2. Thanks.. Yea I am learning a lot about myself lately. I am also realizing that acceptance of your situation is the first step to peace in your life and heart.