Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Official.. I hate Call...

My husband is on call for the second time in 3 days. I hate it, throughly and completely, without reservation. Simply put, it sucks. I am used to talking to him even if briefly everyday, yea not so much with call and I will be honest I don't like it. AT ALL.

This not seeing or AND not hearing so much as a peep is not working for me . I believe I have come a long way in accepting this way of life, however not far enough apparently to handle call with a happy or even slightly calm heart.
I did quite well all day. I waited to hear from him. Nothing. I waited to hear from him some more. Still a big fat nothing. So I texted.. nothing... hours went by ....nothing.... finally got something... almost 24 hours into call... hmpt... I hate call.
So, I am laying here awake when I should be sleeping... contemplating how much I hate it.. I know this is a big fat negative post.. but it is exactly how I feel right now...


  1. This is how I feel about the night shift in the ER. Without fail they get super busy, I don't hear anything all night, wake up in the morning (after staying awake waaay too late) and then wonder where he is and why he's 1-3 hours later than usual. Finally he stumbles in looking like hell and smelling horrible and all I can say is "You couldn't text once???"

    I'm really mature sometimes.

  2. Okay... I feel better now.. I am not alone.. It hard not to feel that way though.. Even if the adult in us KNOWS.. =)