Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tomorrow.. Very Big Deal....

Tomorrow.. might just change our life... and then again it might not. We won't know for 6 weeks...

The COMLEX step one is tomorrow. I ask that those of you that read this.. pray.. By tomorrow I mean Tuesday the 21st. The COMLEX for those that don't know, is a make or break test. It a state test, and passing is a must, passing well is even better. This test will help determine where he gets his residency and job ultimately. It is a very big deal.

I admit I am nervous for him. I want him to pass for his sake. I frankly have never cared if he is a doctor or not. To be totally blunt, honestly I would rather he was anything but... if you are in the medical field .. you totally understand that statement. I do however, want him to be happy and if this is his dream then I want that for him. I do hope I make sense. I am accepting of this life for the most part, though I won't lie and say I don't have days.. cause I do. for sure and for certain. Every medical spouse has them.

I am a little nervous staying home by myself here for some reason. So please pray protection over us and strength for me.

Please pray for God's will in our life. It is difficult for me not to just pray for passing but I want what God wants more than I want passing. I want us to go in the direction that he would have us go, not in the direction we might choose.

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