Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Season...

The Christmas season is officially here. I love Christmas, pretty much everything about it. There are of course a few things I could do without, like the million people in pretty much every store you go into. I do enjoy the music, the reason Christmas exists ( the birth of my savior ), the feeling it puts in your heart, and the hearts of most everyone around you, how much nicer everyone seems to be at Christmas, buying gifts for those that I love, and of course the decorations.
I love that moment on Christmas Eve when everyone opens their gifts, and they ooohh and aaahhh because you got them THE gift, that something they wanted so badly for themselves but would have never gotten it. I am excited this year, because my oldest daughter is 2 and will be able to comprehend a little more this year.
I love driving around and looking at how everyone decorated their house. It so beautiful and wonderful. It feels magical to me. It seems to be have a piece of Jesus in them. The feeling you have when you get into the Christmas Spirit.
This Christmas will be a little different for us. We usually celebrate with my family and will not be able to do so this year. We will have a delayed get together in January, but it will be different since we are all having our family Christmases separate. We never do that, we always have it together. I will miss that and them very much. It feels so different to not be able to celebrate with them like usual. There have been very few Christmases ever celebrated without my sister's family. While I know we will celebrate with them in January, it will be different since we are also celebrating separately. I am choosing to see the positive though of: I get to see them and celebrate with them at some point.
Christmas seems to bring the very best of human nature out. I wish it was like this all year. People are much more tolerant of others quirks, and foibles. They are much more apt to help someone do well anything than they are at any other time of the year. People in general are much more likely to smile and wave than to grumble and gripe about being late or whatever their issue is.

It is a wonderful season and my favorite holiday. I don't like snow so of course I live where there is none, but I love looking at pictures of a white Christmas. They are beautiful.

God Bless everyone and have a wonderful Christmas if I don't post before then..

Merry Christmas.

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