Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flylady's System

One of my friends asked me to elaborate on Flylady's system. The title to this page is a link to her site. It is so detailed you have to peruse her site some. If you can think of it, she has thought of it.

First thing: Babysteps!! You are not behind, jump in where you are. Your house, car, mind, body etc did not get that way overnight,  you aren't going to fix it overnight. You take small (babysteps) toward it each day.

Next up is : Routines!!! These make such a difference!! Wow, I had no idea. It has made such a difference in my daily life. I have to say, I have NEVER been a routine person. I have always flown by the seat of my pants, day by day. I have been a procrastinator, and a do it as you think it sort of person. I have never been a planner.  However, after I did the routines for about a week and half, I began to see something. I began to realize that getting up in the morning was so much more pleasant because I did my night routine and getting the day started was easier because I had a morning routine. That making sure my daughter ate on schedule happened because I had an afternoon routine. She starting being a happier little girl because she had routines, because she saw Mommy with routines. 

Blitzing!! I love blitzing and have loved Blitzing for years. It makes such a difference in life. It is even more fun when you get on yahoo messenger and you have a blitzing buddy. My usual buddy is my sister, but sometimes there are three or more of us, which makes it even more fun. The idea behind blitzing is 'that you can do ANYTHING in 15 minutes" and the beauty of it is that it is true. You CAN do anything for 15 minutes. You set a goal, tell your buddy what the goal is, set the timer and GO!!  Then you come back after your 15 and tell your buddy what you did. You get a pat on the back and you get to pat them. It also makes you accountable to do what you said.

Zones and Missions!! Flylady has broken the home into 5 zones. It helps make things seem easier to overcome. She sends daily missions out that are correlated with the zones. You don't have to follow HER missions, you can make your own up. Just as long as you decided what zone your in and you do a mission in that room. 

Room Rescues!! These are AWESOME!! It means you set your timer for 5 minutes. You move as fast as you can in the room, putting stuff away , doing general cleanup!! When the timer goes off, the room may not look perfect but it will look better, and once you have established your routines and such, 5 minutes will fix any room.

There is so much more to her system that I can detail here, such as a Control Journal, using your calendar, Weekly Home Blessing, Basic Weekly Plan, Menu Planning, Pampering yourself, conquering Mt. Washmore, having a shiny sink and going to bed at a decent hour.

Go to her site.. Check it out!!! It is worth it! Your life will change if you give her system a decent chance!! I have two small children and my house stays clean!! The only way that has occured is through her system. I can tell you that before her system I had one child and my house looked like a war zone!! You could not even tell I had carpet, now you know the color is brown! I can take a picture without having to adjust the camera so as to cut out as much of the background as I can. The background is clean, items are put away. ETC.... 

I recommend doing her babysteps. Start there. Don't try to take on to much at one time. The key is really baby-stepping your way into a new way of life. 

I am not going to bed at a decent hour.. but I am headed there now... 

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