Tuesday, December 14, 2010 she changed our life..

I have made a lot of changes lately in my daily life and schedule. Things were just not working very smoothly or well before. The house was chaotic and messy. It seemed like so much work with the kids...and the kids well I was getting frazzled easily with them...So I woke up one day and realized that something had to change...
So...  I signed back up with to help get my life under control. I wanted not only to make the house a home rather than a messy place we live but to also create a calm atmosphere in my mind and for the girls.
I have been doing this I think for about a month. I can report that things are vastly different in my home today than they were when I started this journey. Today we are sitting in a clean house, home cooked food in the fridge, a calm loving atmosphere. Simply ... A Happy Home...
I must give a shout out to Maria Cilley, aka The Flylady for the changes. I do not know her personally and will probably never have the privilege of meeting her , however I can tell you that she has changed my life and through me, my family. My girls will grow up in a different atmosphere than they might have otherwise because of her.
I can say I cook for my family and it is easy to do because I plan ahead.
I can say I know exactly where both shoes are at any given time because they have a home and because I " rescue" the rooms in my house, if they are not on my feet I know where to find them .
I can say I can wear the outfit I want when I want because my laundry is always done.
I can say how easy getting ready in the morning is because I have a night routine.
I can say how simple breakfast is because I have a morning routine.
I can say how easy it is to put my daughter to bed because she has a routine.
I can also say... This is the first year I could do Christmas cards because I was prepared in advance!
Thank you flylady ..  You have changed my life.

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  1. I started using flylady about 2 months ago -- first time in my life that i feel like i've taken control of my house! i even started writing about it!

    now that we're being forced to move, i'm hoping i'll take the lessons i've learned already and be able to avoid clutter in my new house completely!!!